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Radiant Gems international PLC

Radiant Gems is a leading lapidary in Sri Lanka, which is a listed company on the stock exchange in Sri Lanka. We have over the past 25 years been supplying are customers around the world with the best cut semiprecious and precious gemstones. Radiant Gems has a specific focus towards higher value service cutting for the watch industry. We have the finest of Swiss and Israeli machines which our constantly been upgraded by our own R&D department to give the best possible product. We consider ourselves to be the best special cut lapidary in the country.

We are the one of leading lapidary in Sri Lanka assuring it’s customers all over the world reliable and quality service. We pride ourselves in maintaining our high quality standards for the leading watch makers and jewelers of the world.

Our Past

With over 25 years of expertise in quality lapidary services, priding ourselves in quality and on time delivery at the best possible price. The company commenced operations in 1987, with foreign collaboration from Switzerland, mainly to service the watch industry. The company today is one of the biggest exporters of watch quality gem stones from Sri Lanka.  


Radiant Gems has two Professional gemologists on the board of directors. The Senior factory staff, have been trained by the best Swiss lapidaries.

The company maintains the highest levels of integrity and ethical conduct.
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